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How to select elements that are in ajax response after validation

I'm using ajax to send data from my form. I'm using Laravel, in controller I'm using Validator and I return json when there are validation errors like that:

$messages = $this->getValidation('individual', $input, 0);

$validator = Validator::make($input, $rules, $messages);

if ($validator->fails()) {
return Response::json(array(
'success' => false,
'errors' => $validator->getMessageBag()->toArray()


In my view I show only part of code that is needed:

url: form.action,
type: form.method,
data: $(form).serialize(),
success: function(response) {

$.each(response.errors, function (key, value) {

$('input[name=key]').addClass('error'); //I can't get input with the same name as the key



I want if there is error property in json, to select input, select or textarea which name is the same as the key in $.each function and add them error class.

Returned data is in this format:

{"success":false,"errors":{"title":["The title field is required."],"first_name":["The first name field
is required."],"last_name":["The last name field is required."],"front_passport":["The front passport
field is required."]}}

Answer Source

You are selecting elements with name 'key'; replace your selector with:

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