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Package-specific import hooks in Python

I'm working on creating a Python module that maps API provided by a different language/framework into Python. Ideally, I would like this to be presented as a single root package that exposes helper methods, and which maps all namespaces in that other framework to Python packages/modules. For the sake of convenience, let's take CLR as an example:

import clr.System.Data
import clr.System.Windows.Forms

is the magic top-level package which exposes CLR namespaces
subpackages/submodules (so far as I can see, a package is just a module with child modules/packages; it is still valid to have other kinds of members therein).

I've read PEP-302 and wrote a simple prototype program that achieves a similar effect by installing a custom
hook. The
module itself is a proper Python module which, when imported, sets
__path__ = []
(making it a package, so that
even attempts lookup for submodules at all), and registers the hook. The hook itself intercepts any package load where full name of the package starts with
, dynamically creates the new module using
, registers it in
, and uses pixie dust and rainbows to fill it with classes and methods from the original API. Here's the code:

import sys
import imp

class MyLoader:
def load_module(self, fullname):
return sys.modules[fullname]
except KeyError:
print("--- load ---")
m = imp.new_module(fullname)
m.__file__ = "clr:" + fullname
m.__path__ = []
m.__loader__ = self
m.speak = lambda: print("I'm " + fullname)
sys.modules.setdefault(fullname, m)
return m

class MyFinder:
def find_module(self, fullname, path = None):
print("--- find ---")
if fullname.startswith("clr."):
return MyLoader()
return None

print("--- init ---")
__path__ = []

import clr.Foo.Bar.Baz


All in all this seems to work fine. Python guarantees that modules in the chain are imported left to right, so
is always imported first, and it sets up the hook that allows the remainder of the chain to be imported.

However, I'm wondering if what I'm doing here is overkill. I am, after all, installing a global hook, that will be called for any module import, even though I filter out those that I don't care about. Is there, perhaps, some way to install a hook that will only be called for imports from my particular package, and not others? Or is the above the Right Way to do this kind of thing in Python?

Answer Source

In general, I think your approach looks fine. I wouldn't worry about it being "global", since the whole point is to specify which paths should be handled by you. Moving this test inside the import logic would just needlessly complicate it, so it's left to the implementer of the hook to decide.

Just one small concern, maybe you could use sys.path_hooks? It appears to be a bit less "powerful" than sys.meta_path

sys.path_hooks is a list of callables, which will be checked in sequence to determine if they can handle a given path item. The callable is called with one argument, the path item. The callable must raise ImportError if it is unable to handle the path item, and return an importer object if it can handle the path item.

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