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Ajax request to rails controller is setting the id parameter = "destroy"?

so I have a weird problem where for some reason the id parameter in my delete request is being set to "destroy". Here is the code for my ajax request

function deleteItems(id_data, table){
url: '/items/destroy',
method: 'DELETE',
processData: true,
data: {ids: id_data },
success: function(){
dropItems(id_data, table)

And here are the parameters I am getting in the rails controller

{"ids"=>["6", "19"], "controller"=>"items", "action"=>"destroy", "id"=>"destroy"}

If I try and set the data key to id (instead of id's) I get this

{"id"=>"destroy", "controller"=>"items", "action"=>"destroy"}

Any help in figuring out why id is being set to "destroy" would be awesome. Thanks

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It seems you're using resource routing. In that case your url should look like

url: '/items/:id'

That url will destroy only one item. For example:

url: '/items/9

Or you need to define new route for


and pass ids as a parameters.