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How to change the name of a Django app?

I have changed the name of an app in Django by renaming its folder, imports and all its references (templates/indexes). But now I get this error when I try to run

python runserver

Error: Could not import settings 'nameofmynewapp.settings' (Is it on sys.path?): No module named settings

How can I debug and solve this error? Any clues?

Answer Source

Follow these steps to change an app's name in Django:

  1. Rename the folder which is in your project root
  2. Change any references to your app in their dependencies, i.e. the app's, , '' , and files.
  3. Edit the database table django_content_type with the following command: UPDATE django_content_type SET app_label='<NewAppName>' WHERE app_label='<OldAppName>'
  4. Also if you have models, you will have to rename the model tables. For postgres use ALTER TABLE <oldAppName>_modelName RENAME TO <newAppName>_modelName. For mysql too I think it is the same (as mentioned by @null_radix)
  5. (For Django >= 1.7) Update the django_migrations table to avoid having your previous migrations re-run: UPDATE django_migrations SET app='<NewAppName>' WHERE app='<OldAppName>'
  6. If your 's Meta Class has app_name listed, make sure to rename that too (mentioned by @will).
  7. If you've namespaced your static or templates folders inside your app, you'll also need to rename those. For example, rename old_app/static/old_app to new_app/static/new_app.
  8. For renaming django models, you'll need to change For postgreSQL use UPDATE django_content_type SET name='<newModelName>' where name='<oldModelName>' AND app_label='<OldAppName>'
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