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Tensorflow session returns as 'closed'

I have successfully ported the CIFAR-10 ConvNet tutorial code for my own images and am able to train on my data and generate Tensorboard outputs etc.

My next step was to implement an evaluation of new data against the model I built. I am trying now to use as a starting point however am running into some difficulty.

I should point out that the original tutorial code runs entirely without a problem, including However, when moving this particular code to my application, I get the following error message (last line).

RuntimeError: Attempted to use a closed Session.

I found this error is thrown by TF's

# Check session.
if self._closed:
raise RuntimeError('Attempted to use a closed Session.')

I have checked the directories in which all files should reside and be created, and all seems exactly as it should (they mirror perfectly those created by running the original tutorial code). They include a train, eval and data folders, containing checkpoints/events files, events file, and data binaries respectively.

I wonder if you could help pointing out how I can debug this, as I'm sure there may be something in the data flow that got disrupted when transitioning the code. Unfortunately, despite digging deep and comparing to the original, I can't find the source, as they are essentially similar with trivial changes in file names and destination directories only.

Debugging step by step, it seems the line that actually throws the error is #106 in the original

def eval_once(args etc)
with tf.Session() as sess:
summary = tf.Summary()
summary.ParseFromString( # <========== line 106

is created in
def evaluate
of this same script and passed as an arg to
def eval_once

summary_op = tf.merge_all_summaries()
while True:
eval_once(saver, summary_writer, top_k_op, summary_op)

Answer Source

It was a simple (but humbling) error in indentation.

        summary = tf.Summary()
        summary.value.add(tag='Precision @ 1', simple_value=precision)
        summary_writer.add_summary(summary, global_step)

was outside of the try: block, and of course, no session could be found.


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