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jQuery Question

convert prototype's findElement to jQuery

Can someone explain the jQuery equivalent of Form.event.findElement to me?

$('.ad-publish-button').bind('click', function(e) { // jquery

// section of prototype I need to convert to jquery
if ( e.findElement('.ad').down('form').down('#location').value != '' ) {


Answer Source

give it a try

$('.ad-publish-button').bind('click', function(e) { 
    var _form=$('form',$(e.target).closest('.ad')[0]).first();
    if ($('#location',_form).val() != '') {
        $.ajax(_form.prop('action'), {type:_form.prop('method'),data:_form.serialize()});
  1. e.target is the clicked element
  2. $(e.target).closest('.ad')[0] is the closest ancestor with className '.ad'
    of the element from #1 . This element is used as context for the selector 'form'
    (so it will find a form inside the .ad-element)
  3. $.ajax() will send a request(using the form- properties action+method and the serialized elements)
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