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see diff of commit on submodule in gitlab

I have a gitlab version 7.3 that is working totally fine when I work with normal repositories.
However, I added a github submodule inside my gitlab project.
On my repo, I did after commit and push ( git push --recurse-submodules=check ) and it worked perfectly.

But now, I can see my commit on gitlab, but the diff isnt displayed when I browse it on my gitlab with chrome.
All the commits on files outside the submodules are well displayed meanwhile.
Is that a known issue?

Do I have something to do another way?

Answer Source

It is a known issue... about Git itself.

It was resolved today with Git 2.11 and its new git diff --submodule=diff:

enter image description here (picture from "What is new in Git 2.11" from Tim Pettersen)

This is not available through GitLab GUI, since it just got released in Git.

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