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jQuery Question

jquery tooltip / moves with mouse move / tooltip with mouse position

The jQuery Tools tooltip is ok for me!

But i want it to move with mouse move (tooltip relative to mouse position). How can i do that? Or is there any other plugin in this way?

Answer Source

I don't think it's possible to do with the jQuery TOOLS tooltip plugin.

The Bassistance Tooltip plugin does support what you want. Use track: true, as in this demo:

$('#yahoo a').tooltip({ 
    track: true, 
    delay: 0, 
    showURL: false, 
    showBody: " - ", 
    fade: 250 

If you don't like that plugin, qTip2 also supports mouse tracking. See this demo (equivalent jsFiddle here).

    content: 'I position myself at the current mouse position',
    position: {
        my: 'top left',
        target: 'mouse',
        viewport: $(window), // Keep it on-screen at all times if possible
        adjust: {
            x: 10,  y: 10
    hide: {
        fixed: true // Helps to prevent the tooltip from hiding ocassionally when tracking!
    style: 'ui-tooltip-shadow'
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