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How to integrate PayU money Gateway in Android?

I am developing an Ecommerce app in which I want to integrate Payumoney payment gateway. Can someone help me with some procedure, link or tutorial, how to do so? Thanks.

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Build Custom Integration

As per payumoney: If you are building your website from scratch you need to make a post request to our API. Pass your key and other mandatory variable. This also include the Success and Failure page URL, where you wish to take your user on success and failure cases.

Step 1: Create a store with any of our e-commerce platform partners.

Step 2: Choose PayUMoney as Payment option.

Step 3: Enter PayUMoney credentials and you are ready to go.

Note: You need to develop your own web services which take data from your client application and forward the request to payumoney server then take responses of callback after that your web services will notify you with result.

FlipKart, FreeCharge, Snapdeal etc they have their own url who will take responsibility to initiate the payment gateway,

So conclusion is that you need to support from your server team to initiate the payment and return the result back to your client application.

You can find the more information about payumoney and api payumoney integration,

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