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ng-grid Auto / Dynamic Height

How do I get ng-grid to auto resize its height based on the page size? The documentation on ng-grid's site uses a fixed height. The best solution I've seen comes from this link: {
height: auto !important;
overflow-y: hidden;
}, .ngHeaderContainer {
width: auto !important;

This does not work with server-side paging. I've copied the server-side paging example from ng-grid's site, and applied the css above, but as you can see, only the first 6 rows are shown:

And { height: 100% } does not work...

Answer Source

You can try using the ng-grid Flexible Height Plugin, all you need to do is add this plugin to the plugins property in grid options and he'll take care of the rest .


$scope.gridOptions = {
    data: 'myData',
    enablePaging: true,
    showFooter: true,
    totalServerItems: 'totalServerItems',
    pagingOptions: $scope.pagingOptions,
    filterOptions: $scope.filterOptions,
    plugins: [new ngGridFlexibleHeightPlugin()]

Live example:

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