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Javascript Question

Lightweight Javascript DB for use in Node.js

Anybody know of a lightweight yet durable database, written in Javascript, that can be used with Node.js.

I don't want the 'weight' of (great) solutions like Mongo or Couch. A simple, in memory JS database with the capability to persist to disk as a file would be enough. I would only use it to store small amounts of data.


  • can run in process with a node.js server application

  • can save the whole database to disk and recover after a failure

  • NO need for atomic writes or transaction supports

  • fast queries and sorting would be nice

  • only needs to support small data volumes, up to 1MB in total

I've come across TAFFY db so far but it really doesn't seem optimized for use in Node.js. Anybody seen what I'm looking for out there?


Answer Source

I'm only familiar with Mongo and Couch, but this wiki site lists the various databases.

There's also one named Persistence that I don't see listed on the wiki.

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