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Python Question

How to get notified about the new notice being put on my university website using python?

I do not need any code. Here is the link to my university website - Sangam University

You can see the 'Notice Board' on the webpage. All I need is a python script to get me notified whenever a new notice is being placed in this section. For this purpose, should I need to locally store the already placed notices in a local file and then parse the html everytime and compare the notice titles with already present in the file?
Is there any other way round? I tried

to parse the page but my script always notifies me of all the notices present there, not the newly one placed.

Answer Source

Yes, you need some kind of local database of existing notices.

SQLite3 is fine for small projects and it's basically just a flat file - which is another option for you.

import sqlite3
con = sqlite3.connect('anyfilename')
cur = con.cursor()
cur.execute('create table yadda yadda..

Another option would be to keep track of when you last scraped but that only works if they post the datetime of notices.

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