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Ok, so I've decided that I want to learn Java. It's my first more hardcore coding language, because the only other coding I've done is javascript (And I'm still relatively new to that). What I need is a good tutorial, that will assume you have no previous experience in java. I figured that I would take some web tutorials before I bought a book. This is the tutorial I found. It's a kids one, and I'm only 12, so I figured this would be good for me. My only concern about this tutorial is that it's assuming i'm in older software like windows '98. I'm not sure if I should be concerned that this is outdated or not. Additionally, I would love any other suggestions for java tutorials on windows, as I have to admit that it currently seems quite intimidating :P. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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I'm not sure if I should be concerned that this is outdated or not...

The age of the tutorial would be my first concern, and Java Programming for Kids, Parents, and Grandparents is copyright 2004. That's a decent year for a starter Java tutorial, since it will be compatible with the latest version of Java (it just won't cover anything brand new, but you won't need any of that when you're just starting out).

Also, the references to Windows 98 in the document make it sound like they expect the reader to have a newer operating system. Case in point, on page 18 of the PDF we see this:

If you have an old Windows 98 computer...

So the document is good for anyone with Windows 98, but they assume that Windows 98 is an old computer (the author gives special advice for Win98 users that nobody else needs). The document also references Windows XP, e.g. when the author provides a screenshot from his Windows XP laptop, so the author isn't assuming all readers are using Windows 98.

Ultimately, I wouldn't worry about the age of the document you're reading or references to Windows 98. If it's helping you, keep reading. :)

As for other Java tutorials, I'll defer to the other answers here. Good luck.

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