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Javascript Question

date.toLocaleDateString is not a function

Have simple function which returns an error:

ERROR: date.toLocaleDateString is not a function

TypeError: date.toLocaleDateString is not a function
at FormatTime (../Src/rootdialog.js:87:58)

Function definition:

function FormatTime(time, prefix = "") {
var date = Date.parse(time);
return ((typeof time != "undefined") ? prefix + date.toLocaleDateString() : "");

Function receives
object as input however even explicit conversion to
does not help. Using Node.js 8.x. Any solution?

Answer Source

Date.parse returns a number. You are looking for new Date. Or, if time already is a Date instance, just use time.toLocaleDateString() (and make sure it really is in every call to the function)!

function formatTime(time, prefix = "") {
    return typeof time == "object" ? prefix + time.toLocaleDateString() : "";
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