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Remove space between childrens in a LinearLayout

I'm developing an Android game for fun and I can't remove the space between my ImageViews in my LinearLayouts.
There isn't a defined number of ImageViews in these layouts, that's why I don't deal with XML files.
So I've created every ImageViews in my Java code and I've added them in my Layout.
But there is blank spaces between each of them : Spaces between ImageViews (Blue/red/green squares are ImageViews).
I started with a GridLayout to do that but I can't remove that blank space so I try with some LinearLayouts (Horizontal) into other LinearLayout (Vertical).

I've tried a lot of thing like setMargin and Padding to 0, create a LayoutParams to remove them, etc .. but it didn't work.

Thank you !

EDIT : here's my code

iv = new ImageView[cm.getNbRow()][cm.getNbColumn()]; //cm is the map object

LinearLayout[] linearTab = new LinearLayout[cm.getNbColumn()];
for(int i=0; i<cm.getNbRow(); i++) {
linearTab[i] = new LinearLayout(this);

for(int i=0; i<cm.getNbRow(); i++) {
for(int ii = 0; ii < cm.getNbColumn(); ii++) {
if(cm.getMap()[i][ii] == 1) {
iv[i][ii] = new ImageView(this);
} else if(cm.getMap()[i][ii] == 2) {
p = new Player(i, ii, this, cm);
iv[i][ii] = new ImageView(this);
} else if(cm.getMap()[i][ii] == 3) {
iv[i][ii] = new ImageView(this);
} else {
iv[i][ii] = new ImageView(this);
linearTab[i].addView(iv[i][ii]); //Horizontal LinearLayout
ll.addView(linearTab[i]); //Vertical LinearLayout

EDIT 2 : Android Studio adds transparents borders to the ImageViews (don't know why tho) but I've solved it by editing the generated image and coloring the transparents parts.

Answer Source

When you import an image, you need to make sure that the option "Trim" is set to "yes" and "Padding" is set to 0%. That should ensure that the image doesn't have a transparent region around it.

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