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Python Question

batch rename files by common unique value

I have a folder containing over 500 images. and a text file with new names for these images. I have tried to create a renaming script in python but I am struggling with the robustness issue. I would like to rename the file by selecting the new name by unique identifier

I wrote this...

import os
import csv

img_dir = str(raw_input("Path to Images Folder as C:/path/to/IMAGES : "))

newNames_file = str(raw_input("csv file path and name as C:/path/to/loc_data.csv : "))

with open(newNames_file, 'rb') as f:
reader = csv.reader(f)
newNames = list(reader)

newNames = [l[0] for l in newNames]

print"Current Working Directory is: " + os.getcwd()

path = os.getcwd()
filenames = [os.path.join(img_dir,fn) for fn in next(os.walk(img_dir))[2]]

assert len(filenames) == len(newNames)

for i in range(len(newNames)):
os.rename(str(filenames[i]), str(newNames[i]))

but the results are unreliable.. e.g. the order inst guaranteed to match.

How can I use the unique ID to pass the correct value top the rename function?

the file names are raw e.g.

and the new values are in the form

where 3036 is the unique ID

Answer Source

I write a script and i think it will do the trick.

You can rewrite the get_name_uid function to get your new files' uid and old files's uid if you want.

Make sure you change the glob name and new_names file name as you use.

import glob
import os

old_image_filenames = glob.glob('*.img')
new_names = open('new_names').read().strip().split(',')

def get_name_uid(name):
    uid = name.split('.')[0]
    uid = uid.split('_')[-1]

    return uid

def get_uid_filename_map(filenames, get_uid_func):
    uid_filename_map = {}
    for filename in filenames:
        uid_filename_map[get_uid_func(filename)] = filename

    return uid_filename_map

uid_old_filenames = get_uid_filename_map(old_image_filenames, get_name_uid)
uid_new_filenames = get_uid_filename_map(new_names, get_name_uid)

for uid in uid_old_filenames.keys():
    if uid in uid_new_filenames:
        os.rename(uid_old_filenames[uid], uid_new_filenames[uid])

The folder i run script before

$ ls 
new_names       play.py         zasdf_3036.img  zxcsdf_3037.img

after run script

$ ls
7700_50fpl_4_1_3036.img 7700_50fpl_4_2_3037.img new_names               play.py

file new_names

$ cat new_names
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