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Java Question

The import "javax.jnlp" cannot be resolved

I am learning Java and trying to run some examples using Java web start.

However, I cannot seem to find that package


This same error is haunting me on both windows and linux.I've installed oracle jdk 7 on windows.OpenJDK 1.6 is the version installed on linux.

Searching the internet for the package with no luck.It is no longer available on oracle's website because they insist that the package is a part of the jdk.

I've searched the installation directories for it.some claim it is in the
file, others claim in
file...neither files are part of my installation.

Answer Source

From the Oracle page:

The jardiff tool, jnlp-servlet.jar file, and jnlp.jar file can be found in the samples directory of the JDK.

On my comp it is in:

... /jdk1.6.0_23/sample/jnlp/servlet/jnlp.jar

For Java 7 you have to download Demos and Samples separately:

Windows x86 (32-bit) 15.62 MB

Windows x64 (64-bit) 15.69 MB

You will find jnlp.jar inside: jdk1.7.0_04\sample\jnlp\servlet\jnlp.jar