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Python Question

How to keep only the noun words in a wordlist? python NLTK

I have a wordlist, which consists many subjects. The subjects were auto extracted from sentences. I would like to keep only the noun from the subjects. As u can see some of the subjects have adj which i want to delete it.

wordlist=['country','all','middle','various drinks','few people','its reputation','German Embassy','many elections']
for word in wordlist:
for syn in x:
if syn.pos() == 'n':
print returnlist

the results of above is :

['country','it', 'middle']

However, I want to get the result should be look like this

wordlist=['country','it', 'middle','drinks','people','reputation','German Embassy','elections']

How to do that?

Answer Source

First your list is a result of not well tokenized text so i tokenized them again then search pos of all words to find nouns which pos contains NN :

>>> text=' '.join(wordlist)
>>> tokens = nltk.word_tokenize(text)
>>> tags = nltk.pos_tag(tokens)
>>> nouns = [word for word,pos in tags if (pos == 'NN' or pos == 'NNP' or pos == 'NNS' or pos == 'NNPS')
>>> nouns
['country', 'drinks', 'people', 'Embassy', 'elections']
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