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Run mean stack app in production

I am just playing with MEAN stack but I can't figure out how to run my app in production mode to perform some benchmarking. Site says:

To run with a different environment, just specify
as you call grunt:

$ NODE_ENV=test grunt

How can I pass the variable to grunt?

I am using Windows

Answer Source

To decide if the application runs in production or development mode, it checks the NODE_ENV environment variable, which is a variable that you'll set in your shell and that will be read from node.

If you want to run grunt in production mode, use:

$ NODE_ENV=production grunt

which will set the variable only for this execution.

If you want to permanently set NODE_ENV, use export:

$ export NODE_ENV=production
$ grunt

On your production server, you can then edit .bashrc with this line to permanently set NODE_ENV.

For further information, you can read this blog post.

Edit: On Windows, use set NODE_ENV=production on the command line. See this relevant question to know how to permanently set this variable.

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