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Fastest search method in StringBuilder

I have a

used to store Course's Names,
I am using the following method to find a course:


in my case, Performance is the most important issue.
Is there any faster way?

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StringBuilder wasn't really intended for all string purposes. If you really need to search one, you have to write your own method.

There are several string-searching algorithms suited to different cases.

The following is a simple implementation of the Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm that only cares about ordinal matches (no case-folding, no culture-related collation, just a plain codepoint to codepoint match). It has some initial Θ(m) overhead where m is the length of the word sought, and then finds in Θ(n) where n is the distance to the word sought, or the length of the whole string-builder if it isn't there. This beats the simple char-by-char compare which is Θ((n-m+1) m) (Where O() notation describes upper-bounds, Θ() describes both upper and lower bounds).

All this said, it does sound like creating a list might be a better approach to the task in hand.

public static class StringBuilderSearching
  public static bool Contains(this StringBuilder haystack, string needle)
    return haystack.IndexOf(needle) != -1;
  public static int IndexOf(this StringBuilder haystack, string needle)
    if(haystack == null || needle == null)
      throw new ArgumentNullException();
    if(needle.Length == 0)
      return 0;//empty strings are everywhere!
    if(needle.Length == 1)//can't beat just spinning through for it
      char c = needle[0];
      for(int idx = 0; idx != haystack.Length; ++idx)
        if(haystack[idx] == c)
          return idx;
      return -1;
    int m = 0;
    int i = 0;
    int[] T = KMPTable(needle);
    while(m + i < haystack.Length)
      if(needle[i] == haystack[m + i])
        if(i == needle.Length - 1)
          return m == needle.Length ? -1 : m;//match -1 = failure to find conventional in .NET
        m = m + i - T[i];
        i = T[i] > -1 ? T[i] : 0;
    return -1;
  private static int[] KMPTable(string sought)
    int[] table = new int[sought.Length];
    int pos = 2;
    int cnd = 0;
    table[0] = -1;
    table[1] = 0;
    while(pos < table.Length)
      if(sought[pos - 1] == sought[cnd])
        table[pos++] = ++cnd;
      else if(cnd > 0)
        cnd = table[cnd];
        table[pos++] = 0;
    return table;
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