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Read a string of length greater than 4096 bytes from stdin in C++

I am trying to read in a string of length in 10^5 order. I get incorrect string if the size of string grows beyond 4096.
I am using the following code

string a;

This didn't work then I tried reading character by character by following code

unsigned char c;
vector<unsigned char> a;
c = getchar();

I have done necessary escaping for using
this also had the 4096 bytes problem. Can someone suggest a workaround or point to correct way of reading it.

Answer Source

Using this test-program based on what you posted:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

int main()
    std::string a;

    std::cin >> a;

    std::cout << a.length() << std::endl;

I can do:

./a.out < fact100000.txt

and get the output:


However, if I copy'n'paste from an editor to the console, it stops at 4095. I expect that's a limit somewhere in the consoles copy'n'paste handling. The easy solution to that is of course to not use copy'n'paste, but redirect from a file. On some other systems, the restruction to 4KB of input may of course reside somewhere else. (Note that, at least on my system, I can happily copy and paste the 450KB of factorial result to another editor window, so in my system it's simply the console buffer that is the problem).