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Javascript Question

html-webpack-plugin not working

webpack.config.js is here

var webpack = require("webpack");
var htmlwebpack = require('html-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
entry : "./src/main.ts",
output : {
path : "./dist",
filename : "app.bundle.js"


module : {
loaders : [
{test : /\.ts$/, loader : 'ts'}

resolve : {
extensions : ['', '.ts','.js']
Plugin :[
new htmlwebpack({
template : 'src/index.html'

The above configuration generating only app.bundle.js in dist folder when running command "webpack --progress" and does not include index.html in the src folder also when im running this command webpack-dev-server --inline --progress
dist folder is not created but at the console there is output that compile process happened, like we see when we add flag --progress

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Typos mistake obviously, watch out for it babe!

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