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Node.js Question

Run server-side js from php through exec()

I have a site running on Apache/PHP, and as a matter of performance, I wrote a javascript to do a specific task.

I have installed node.js on server, in order to run this javascript. When I call the script from the command line, it works fine. See the command below:

> node myscript.js

But I need it to run from a php page, and I am trying to do this by calling the exec() PHP function, like this:

<?php exec('node myscript.js >/dev/null/ 2>&1 &'); ?>

...but it's not working.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way to do what I want?

Answer Source

I found a way to make it work! I just wrote the full directory where node.js is installed in the exec() call. Simple as that:

<?php exec('/home/bin/node myscript.js >/dev/null/ 2>&1 &'); ?>
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