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SiriKit support for general services

I have watched SiriKit in wwdc and read document.

Add SiriKit support only if your app implements one of the following
types of services:

  • Audio or video calling

  • Messaging Payments

  • Searching photos

  • Workouts

  • Ride booking

I am still wondering whether I can do for other services (since my app will be for enterprise app).

My service will be very simple searching only like "Find SQ212 in myapp".

Can it be done? I afraid that sirkit can't support intent for other servies.

Answer Source

No, you can't. That's why it says "only if your app implements one of the following types of services".

You won't get the 'find foo in bar' syntax; each respective service has its own syntax - like "start a workout in MyApp" or "Book a ride to place with MyApp". See for examples.

I would expect a workaround using the SiriKit API to result in your app being rejected if submitted to the general app store, and I would expect it to be extremely fragile if it passed App Review or didn't go through it in the first place.

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