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PHP Question

How to "group by" field "count" in mongodb querybuilder?

I want to classify cities with the products they have.

I have two documents: Product and city. The product has its ID and a reference to a city document:

Product(id) City

P1 ------------ Atlanta

P2 ------------ New York

P3 ------------ Michigan

P4 ------------ Atlanta


I want as result of the query

[Atlant => 23, New York => 35, Michigan => 23, etc..]

But I not being able to get the result.

My actual code is

public function countBestUsers()
return $this->createQueryBuilder()
->select('id', 'city')

Answer Source

You can try with group and reduce, this example works for me:

$count = $dm->createQueryBuilder()->hydrate(false)
        ->group(array('city.$id' => 1), array('value' => 0))
        ->reduce('function (curr,result) {

If you need more examples :

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