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CSS Question

Place iframe contents after fieldset

I have an iframe:

<iframe src='myurl.php' frameborder='0' width='500' height='500' ></iframe>

I need to place its contents right below a

How can I do that using jquery/javascript?

I am working with dynamic content so is not that easy as to put the iframe right below the filedset.

Thanks a lot

Answer Source

First as dudzio said, use it simple like this:

<fieldset></fieldset> <iframe src='myurl.php' frameborder='0' width='500' height='500'></iframe>

If you have another problems and you don't tell us corectly you can use: CSS, sample: position:absolute;top:X px; for iframe,

If your fieldset is not visible it may be z-index lower than another element on page.

We need the entire page to check why fieldset is below iframe... A lot of causes can be responsible for this. Please update you question!

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