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Android - adb logcat without debug logs

I don't want to see debug logs from adb logcat command. There are ton's of debug logs from my phone and i don't want to see them.

adb logcat --help says " *:I " will output only info logs but is there any option to filter all logs except debug.

Answer Source

From the docs here, when you specify a log level filter, it will show all messages at that level and higher. The levels are specified as:

The priority is one of the following character values, ordered from lowest to highest priority:

V — Verbose (lowest priority)
D — Debug
I — Info (default priority)
W — Warning
E — Error
F — Fatal
S — Silent (highest priority, on which nothing is ever printed)

Also, from the docs they say:

The following filter expression displays all log messages with priority level "warning" and higher, on all tags:

adb logcat *:W

So with this in mind, passing the filter you mentioned *:I will log everything but Verbose and Debug logs.

Unless your intention is to show Verbose as well as the other log levels, I don't think you can do that because specifying Verbose includes anything above Verbose.

If that is the case, it might be useful for you to filter on a specific tag instead of a specific log level, or some combination of both.

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