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CSS Question

Can I align reveal.js slides to the top of the page?

I'm using reveal.js and trying to sort out how to force my slides to the top left-most corner of the page. That seems like it should be straightforward, but when I use the Element inspector it so radically changes the page that I can't even begin to zero in on how to move the slides up to the top.

Adding this to my theme:

.reveal .slides>section,
.reveal .slides>section>section {
padding: 0;}

Bumped it up a smidge (reveal.css has the padding set to
20px 0
) but there's still white space at the top of each slide.

Answer Source

To move your slides to the top is just a configuration option of reveal.js.

    center: false

I haven't figured it out how to move them to the left though.

Horizontal alignment can be done from CSS:

.reveal .slides { margin: 0; }
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