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Connect to PostgreSQL using R (in windows)

I have this R code and i want to connect to a postgres db using the conf file:

con <- dbConnect(PostgreSQL(), groups='epl')

The postgresql.conf file contains:


# Add settings for extensions here
port = 5432

When I run the R code, i get this error:

Error in postgresqlNewConnection(drv, ...) :
unused argument(s) (groups = "epl")

Answer Source

If everything else fails, you can try reading the documentation and following the examples. For help(dbConnect), you find

# create an PostgreSQL instance and create one connection.
drv <- dbDriver("PostgreSQL")

# open the connection using user, passsword, etc., as
con <- dbConnect(drv, dbname = "postgres")

and this is where you add additional user, password, host, arguments.

It will also show you that there is no argument groups explaining the error you get.