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C# Question

Remove ToastNotification from ActionCenter

I have a desktop application running in Windows 10 which creates ToastNotifications that are also being stored in the Action Center. I noticed, that when I reboot the computer the Notifications are still present in the Action Center so I wanted to remove them through my Application when they're not necessary anymore.

I wanted to use the ToastNotificationHistory

method for this.

My code looks like this:

public static void RemoveNotificationByTag(string toastTag)
ToastNotificationManager.History.Remove(toastTag, "KB");

But this leads to this exception:
System.Exception: 'Element not found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070490)'

The notification I've been sending priorly has a
and a

I get the same exception when calling the
method. Basically it seems like I cannot call any method from the History class without getting the same exception

Answer Source

On Windows 10 it is necessary to provide the applicationId parameter to each of the methods.

Calling the method like this works:

ToastNotificationManager.History.Remove(toastTag, "KB", appId);
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