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MySQL Question

mysql select if and

I'm building a query on this table

field1 | field2
1 | y
2 | y
3 | y
4 | n
1 | n
2 | n
3 | y
4 | y

I am looking for a rule (maybe IF) to select all the records excluding the ones where field1=1 AND field2=y

this record will not be selected:

field1 | field2
1 | y

while this is ok

field1 | field2
1 | N


I add this details:
the query is longer:

SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE time>'time1' AND time<'time2' AND admin_area='0'

in this query i have to append a filter:
if field2=Y exclude records where field1=1

Answer Source

Here is The MySQL SELECT syntax reference. You can also use != or <> for an inequality test.

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