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Javascript create a mapping of array values

I am working on a project where I give a user the ability to create their own email templates and insert tags into them as placeholder values that will eventually replaced with content.

The tags are in the format of

[FirstName] [LastName]

I am trying to figure out the best approach to create a function that maps these tags to their values.

For example (Psuedo code):

function convertTags(message){

// Convert all instances of tags within the message to their assigned value

'[FirstName]' = FirstNameVar,
'[LastName]' = LastNameVar

// Return the message with all tags replaced
return message;

I assume I could do something like the following:

function convertTags(message){

message = message.replace(/[FirstName]/g, FirstNameVar);
message = message.replace(/[LastName]/g, LastNameVar);

return message;

I am just trying to come up with a clean way to do this, preferably in an array/mapping style format that I can easily add to.

Any recommendations on achieving this?

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You're on the right lines. You just need to generalise your REGEX to match all params, not specifically 'firstname' or some such other hard-coded value.

Let's assume the replacers live in an object, replacers.

var replacers = {
    'foo': 'bar',
    'something-else': 'foo'

And here's our template:

var tmplt = 'This is my template [foo] etc etc [something-else] - [bar]';

For the replacement, we need iterative replacement via a callback:

tmplt = tmplt.replace(/\[[^\}]+\]/g, function(param) { //match all "[something]"
    param = param.replace(/\[|\]/g, ''); //strip off leading [ and trailing ]
    return replacers[param] || '??'; //return replacer or, if none found, '??'

The value of tmplt is now

This is my template bar etc etc foo - ??