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How integrate Selenium Grid 2 With Hudson/Jenkins?

I would like to know how to integrate selenium Grid 2 and Jenkins on Windows or Linux both are fine with me. (I am able to run Selenium Grid 2 alone successfully on the same machine and on different machines using TestNG and Java)

Should we use Ant to build (currently using GIT as version control sys)? Does Jenkins/Hudson's Selenium Grid plugin support Grid 2? If so how can we achieve this integration?

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UPDATE: On 26/12/2011 the Jenkins grid plugin was upgraded to use Selenium2

There is a Selenium Grid Plugin for Jenkins .

However, the jenkins plugin is based on the old Selenium Grid (v1) ( but should work with some quirks with webdriver/selenium2 ).

There is a ticket open on the Jenkins bug tracker Upgrade Selenium Grid Plugin to Selenium Grid 2.0. Maybe voting for this ticket on the Jenkins Jira would speed up the things...