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JSON Question

Loading a .json file into c# program

I am new to c# and json objects and I am trying to move my website from xml based config files to json based ones. Is there a way to load in a .json file in so that it turns into the object? I have been searching the web and I cannot find one. I already have the xml file converted and saved as a .json. I would rather not use a 3rd party library.


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You really should use an established library, such as Newtonsoft.Json (which even Microsoft uses for frameworks such as MVC and WebAPI), or .NET's built-in JavascriptSerializer.

Here's a sample of reading JSON using Newtonsoft.Json:

JObject o1 = JObject.Parse(File.ReadAllText(@"c:\videogames.json"));

// read JSON directly from a file
using (StreamReader file = File.OpenText(@"c:\videogames.json"))
using (JsonTextReader reader = new JsonTextReader(file))
  JObject o2 = (JObject) JToken.ReadFrom(reader);
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