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jQuery Mobile with multiple columns inside listview

Anyone who have solved the problem to have an arbitrary number of columns inside a list view in jQuery Mobile?

What I want to achieve is basically a table representation, but with the styled list view features.

I know that the jQuery Mobile list view supports "a couple of columns" but i need to be able to use several (maybe four or five).

Or do you have any suggestions on pure CSS-frameworks to get the right iPhone "look and feel"? I've tried iWebKit, but since I would like to get rid of the navigation bar (and couldn't find any solution to this), I chose not to use it.

Answer Source

Look at the grid code and insert listviews to columns. See in JQM docs, it works with multiple columns. I did that and it looks like a table. If you set up the listviews correctly you can get nice looks also - eg. a listview with inset on will make rounded corners for all columns.

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