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Swift Question

How to define category bit mask enumeration for SpriteKit in Swift?

To define a category bit mask enum in Objective-C I used to type:

typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, CollisionCategory)
CollisionCategoryPlayerSpaceship = 0,
CollisionCategoryEnemySpaceship = 1 << 0,
CollisionCategoryChickenSpaceship = 1 << 1,

How can I achieve the same using
? I experimented with enumerations but can't get it working. Here is what I tried so far.

error screenshot

Answer Source

What you could do is use the binary literals: 0b1, 0b10, 0b100, etc.

However, in Swift you cannot bitwise-OR enums, so there is really no point in using bitmasks in enums. Check out this question for a replacement for NS_OPTION.

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