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How to set volume in AudioQueue without the use of AudioQueueRef?

How to set volume in AudioQueue wthout the use of AudioQueueRef?

I have referef many question regarding this on StackOverflow but all of them use AudioQueueRef object.

Is it possible to do so without use of AudioQueueRef?

Please Suggest


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Try with the previous post. Though the question is different but you can use following code out of that ticked answer. Refer this below code in previous post.

OSStatus errorMsg = AudioQueueSetParameter(audioQueue, kAudioQueueParam_Volume, Level);

    if (errorMsg) {
        NSLog(@"AudioQueueSetParameter returned %d when setting the volume.", errorMsg);

for above code refer to documentation Controlling the Playback Level

Also refer other answers too. Also I think MPVolumeView is working with AudioQueue so you can use that also.

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