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iOS Question

issues with UIImageView.layer.cornerRadius to create rounded images on different pixel densities ios

I'm simply trying to create a perfectly round image. Here's my swift code:

myImage.layer.cornerRadius = myImage.frame.size.width/2
myImage.layer.masksToBounds = true

This works on a 4s, but is not quite round on a 5s, and appears as a rounded rectangle on a iphone 6.

I'm assuming this has to do with frame.size.width returning values in pixels not points or something like that, but I've been unable to solve this problem.

Answer Source

If you're putting that code in viewDidLoad, try moving it to viewDidLayoutSubviews.

I'm guessing it's an auto layout issue -- although you've used the corner radius property appropriately and are in fact making the image frame circular, after auto-layout, the corner radius stays the same, but the image stretches so that it's no longer circular.

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