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Split String by Regex Expression

This is my string.

19282511~2017-08-28 13:24:28~Entering (A/B)~1013~283264/89282511~2017-08-28 13:24:28~Entering (A/B)~1013~283266/79282511~2017-08-28 13:24:28~Entering (A/B)~1013~283261

I would like this string be split like below:

19282511~2017-08-28 13:24:28~Entering (A/B)~1013~283264
89282511~2017-08-28 13:24:28~Entering (A/B)~1013~283266
79282511~2017-08-28 13:24:28~Entering (A/B)~1013~283261

I cannot split my string blindly by slash (/) since there is a value
will also get split.

Any idea of doing this by regex expression?

Your help will definitely be appreciated.

Answer Source

You may split with / that is in between digits:


See the regex demo


  • (?<=\d) - a positive lookbehind that requires a digit to appear immediately to the left of the current location
  • / - a / char
  • (?=\d) - a positive lookahead that requires a digit to appear immediately to the right of the current location.

Since the \d pattern is inside non-consuming patterns, only / will be removed upon splitting and the digits will remain in the resulting items.

enter image description here

Another idea is to match and capture these strings using


See this regex demo.


  • /? - 1 or 0 / chars
  • ([^~]*(?:~[^~]*){3}~\d+) - Group 1 (what you need to grab):

    • [^~]* - zero or more chars other than ~
    • (?:~[^~]*){3} - 3 or more sequences of ~ and then 0+ chars other than ~
    • ~\d+ - a ~ and then 1 or more digits. The C# code will look like

    var results = Regex.Matches(s, @"/?([^~](?:~[^~]){3}~\d+)") .Cast() .Select(m => m.Groups1.Value) .ToList();

enter image description here

NOTE: By default, \d matches all Unicode digits. If you do not want this behavior, use the RegexOptions.ECMAScript option, or replace \d with [0-9] to only match ASCII digits.