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Python Question

for loop in python to connect the data from 2 columns

I have a huge file(20,000 rows) with 2 columns (id and value). Some ids have different value. I want to write a for loop to give me all values for ids.

By the way I am using pandas and importing the data as data frame.

for example:
The file is:

id value
a 2
a 3
b 2
c 4
b 5

I want the result to be like:

a 2,3
b 2,5
c 4


Answer Source

you want a list of values


a    [2, 3]
b    [2, 5]
c       [4]
Name: value, dtype: object

if you want strings... this is @jezrael's answer, just modified to my tastes


a    2,3
b    2,5
c      4
Name: value, dtype: object

experimental numpy solution

u, i = np.unique(df.id.values, return_inverse=True)
g = np.arange(len(u))[:, None] == i

def slc(r):
    return df.value.values[r].tolist()

pd.Series(list(map(slc, g)), u)

a    [2, 3]
b    [2, 5]
c       [4]
dtype: object
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