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Swift 3: Converting enum case with associated value to closure with protocol parameter results in a compiler error

I have an enum with an associated value of struct. When I write this code it compiles without error:

protocol MyProtocol {}

struct MyAssociatedValue: MyProtocol {}

enum MyEnum {
case myCase(MyAssociatedValue)

func myEnumClosureMapping() -> (MyAssociatedValue) -> MyEnum {
return MyEnum.myCase

But than I added another function like this:

func mySecondEnumClosureMapping() -> (MyProtocol) -> MyEnum {
return MyEnum.myCase

Now I get a compiler error saying:
Cannot convert return expression of type '(MyAssociatedValue) -> MyEnum' to return type '(MyProtocol) -> MyEnum'

struct conforms to
protocol so this code should compile without errors. What might be the reason of compiler error?

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No, it shouldn't compile. The compiler expects a closure that can map anything supporting the MyProtocol protocol to a MyEnum. You are giving it a closure that can only map MyAssociatedValue to a MyEnum. If that closure was called with a MyProtocol that isn't a MyAssociatedValue, then the call would crash, therefore it isn't allowed.