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IntelliJ debugger: Connects but doesn't notice when code runs into breakpoints

I try to debug an application server (WebLogic) with IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 Ultimate. The debugger configuration worked previously, I didn't change anything.

What happens is: IntelliJ tells me

Connected to the target VM, address: '[snip]:9009', transport: 'socket'

I can add and remove breakspoints, and they are marked with a check mark, so setting them seems to work. By interacting with the web interface of my application, I try to hit the breakpoints I set. The breakpoint actually seem to stop the code from executing, but the IntelliJ debugger doesn't react. The web interface of my application doesn't respond until I disconnect the debugger, but IntelliJ just doesn't seem to notice that this happens at all. I cannot interact with the debugger. How can I figure out what goes wrong? Is there some debugging output of the IntelliJ debugger itself? Are there known solutions to this issue?

Answer Source

Okay, solved it: I had a method breakpoint active. Apparently that slowed the whole debugging process down so much that I couldn't interact with the debugger. Once I removed the breakpoint, debugging worked again.

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