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Javascript Question

Do web sites really need to cater for browsers that don't have Javascript enabled?

Why do many professional web developers always insist on developing sites that accommodate for browsers that have Javascript disabled?

Besides tech heads and developers, most 'normal' users don't even know what it is.

Answer Source

Who uses browsers older than Firefox 2 or IE6?

Wrong question. It's not the age of the browser that's the problem. There are plenty of new browsers out there that don't support javascript or don't support it well, and they can be just as important as the latest safari or firefox.

Others have mentioned smartphones or lynx, but the main one in my book is Googlebot. That's a browser just like any other, and it won't run most of your javascript. Also, even if you have firefox you might use a plugin like NoScript. That's not the same thing as running with javascript disabled, but if you do things wrong you can really mess up for those users (ie, detect javascript state once at the start of a session or creation of an account, and then no longer serve javascript pages at al, even if they wanted to enable it for you). Finally, if you do any work for the US Goverment you are required by law to support certain accessibility standards that include working with javascript disabled.

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