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Determining if the program is running on Windows Server

I would like to determine if my program is running on a version of Windows Server. Apparently,

does not contain information about the fact that Windows is a server version (there is no such info in the OS version object).

I know that I can use
to check whether my program is running on a Remote Desktop (see also this question), but this will also be true if the user is simply accessing a plain client Windows machine remotely.

So is there a supported way of determining if the code is running on a server or on a client machine? I don't mind using P/Invoke if needed.

Note: I don't want to search for the
string in the product name, since this will probably not work on some systems because of the localization.

Answer Source

Thanks to pointers provided by Nick's answer, I've finally found what I was looking for. The function IsOS(OS_ANYSERVER) does exactly what I need. Here is the sample code which should work for any OS version (including pre-Vista, since we import the IsOS function by ordinal from shlwapi.dll):

class OS
    public static bool IsWindowsServer()
        return OS.IsOS (OS.OS_ANYSERVER);

    const int OS_ANYSERVER = 29;

    [DllImport("shlwapi.dll", SetLastError=true, EntryPoint="#437")]
    private static extern bool IsOS(int os);
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