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AngularJS Question

ng-selected not working

My problem is that

is set as
but the option is not getting selected

This is my controller code

.controller("PendingInvoiceCtrl", function($scope, $location, safeApply, dataService) {
var userData =;
var mauth_token = userData.mauthToken;
var mauth_acntId = userData.thisApartment.account;
var apt_id =;

$scope.house_list =;
$scope.selectedHouseId = $;


This is my HTML code

<select ng-model="selectedHouseId">
<option ng-repeat="house in house_list" ng-selected="{{ house.house_id == selectedHouseId }}" value="{{ house.house_id }}">
{{ house.house_display_name }}

And below is my data format

house_display_name: "paras, 101",
house_id: "520755"

Answer Source

The ng- attributes don't need the extra curly braces. Try:

<option ng-repeat="house in house_list" ng-selected="house.house_id == selectedHouseId" ng-value="house.house_id">

A better approach would be to use the ng-options possibility of the select tag. This would result in:

    ng-options="house.house_id as house.house_display_name for house in house_list">

And then you don't need to manually worry about the selected attribute for the options, as it will select the one depending on the value of the model.

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