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Python Question

how to extract multi level dictionary keys/values in python

There is a two level dictionary in python:

for instance here:

index[term][id] = n

how to get the
id = 3

Or it would be perfect if it returns in a form like
result[id] = [term, n]

Answer Source

Iterate over the nested dict and create new dict to map the values in the desired format. You can create your custom function like:

def get_tuple_from_value(my_dict):
    new_dict = {}
    for term, nested_dict in my_dict.items():
        for id, n in nested_dict.items():
            new_dict[id] = [term, n]
    return new_dict

OR, simple dict comprehension will look like:

{i: [t, n] for t, nd in d.items() for i, n in nd.items()}

where d is holding your dictionary.

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