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ASP.NET (C#) Question

MVC SelectList combining multiple columns in text field

How would I generate a select list, where the text field, is made up of two or more text columns, eg: Where I have a Description and Rate field in my database, I want to combine these to show:


Controller code is:

var stands = db.Stands.Where(s => s.ExhibitorID == null).ToList();
ViewBag.StandID = new SelectList(stands,"StandID", "Description" + "-- £" + "Rate");

...and my view is (currently):

<div class="editor-field">
@Html.DropDownList("StandID", "--Select--")

...but the "Description" + "-- £" + "Rate"); won't run:

does not contain a property with the name 'Description--£Rate'.

Thanks for any help,


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You could create a new anonymous class using a simple LINQ projection, and then use the SelectList(IEnumerable, string, string) constructor overload to specify the value and text fields to be used for the <option> elements i.e.:

var stands = 
    .Where(s => s.ExhibitorID == null)
    .Select(s => new 
       StandID = s.StandID,
       Description = string.Format("{0}-- £{1}", s.Description, s.Rate) 

ViewBag.StandID = new SelectList(stands, "StandID", "Description")


In C#6 and later, string interpolation makes for better reading than string.Format

   Description = $"{s.Description}-- £{s.Rate}"

If you project to a strong ViewModel class name (instead of to an anonymous class), you will undoubtedly want to replace the magic strings with the safety of the nameof operator:

ViewBag.StandID = new SelectList(stands, nameof(Stand.StandID), nameof(Stand.Description));