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Perl Question

Notepad++ regex replace named groups

I try replace author Full name with article title
I have a list of articles, similar like this:

  1. Albershein P., Nevis D. J. A method for analysis of sugars in plant cell wall polysaccharides by gasliquid chromatography // J. Carbohydrate Research. – 1967. – Vol. 5, № 3. – Р. 340–345.

And I have Regex for it

(?'n1'^\d{3}\. )(?'n2'(?:(?:[A-ZА-Я][-a-zćа-я ]+)?([A-ZА-Я][-a-zćа-я]+\xA0[A-ZА-Я]\.(?:\xA0[A-ZА-Я]\.){0,2}\,?)(?: \[et al\])? ?)+)(?'n3' [^\/]+[\/]{2})

but replace like




doesnt work

we try this in perl but have the same result

Answer Source

Try using in regex (?<groupname>something to match)

And in replacement: $+{groupname}

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