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Javascript Question

Creating an interactive map with HTML5,CSS3,Javascript

I'm going to build and develop an interactive map of my school.Map should be fully interactive where there should be clickable event.When a user wants to view the laboratory details,he/she should be click on the specific lab region.So that clickable events,pop ups should be applied to the map.

I have started this task with SVG/CSS and HTML5.And also I have so far searched it and found this interesting link for this.

If anybody know a better tutorial or a site to accomplish my task,it will be very grateful.If so please share some tutorial/url links


Answer Source

Since I've been searching on this I found this interesting site where u can draw your own svg images.

You can easily get the svg code for the diagram.

And easily we can integrate click events,whatever java script code with the svg image. cheers!!

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