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jQuery: Check to see if table row containing certain values exists already

I have a jQuery script that appends a row to a table. In short, the user can select a value from a drop down menu, then enter in 'x' amount of months and hits 'add', which appends the row to the table. For example the following row is appended by the user:

<td>Some Value</td>

Now, if the user performs the same operation again, I need to stop the procedure and alert him that he is trying to add a duplicate value. How - using jQuery - can I check to see whether or not the above row already exists, where the first and second
elements have the same value as the data he is trying to add? The reason I say first and second
elements only is because there are other
elements in the row but they house hidden fields which submit the newly added data to to a server side script, so I'd like to keep the validation as short and simple as possible.

If it is of any help, the table ID is

Many thanks for your input.

Answer Source

You might be able to use :contains():

$('#tblspecializations tr > td:contains(Some Value) + td:contains(2)').length

- Example

Be aware, though, that :contains() will return the element if the given string is matched anywhere in the text of the element.

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